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Episode 18
June 03, 2008 04:42 AM PDT
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According to SAPA-in the past two years less than 50% of all SA Police Service members charged with serious offences have been dismissed;of those 28% were charged with murder,27%for rape,24%percent for corruption and 34%for corruption.

Be very afraid of the cops in South Africa.It doesn`t matter who you are at the time of arrest...when they have decided to beat you up they will do so and they will do so to make you asthmatic and so that you must die soon after that or derange you.Your crime could have been as minor as requesting their identificatin or protesting their disregard for your human rights.

What`s disturbing its the fact that President Bush stated recently that he has been training our cops for the last ten years but there`s no shred of evidence to prove this since our cops are illiterate and don`t know anything about their ethics and codes and oaths and still use violence to abstract evidence from suspects.

Yours Sincerely
Tim Singiswa{SA}

singiswatim wrote:
The aricle by messrs Applebaum/Shaw{Washington POST} on Zimbabwe is a misrepresentation of facts since both articles are propagandistic and misinforming.

Where is the visible and tangible evidence that President Mugabe killed and maimed Zimbabweans?Can it be proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the MDC IS peaceful and non-violent?

The respondents to the curent situation is The West and Europe and their sycophants and apparitchiks like Tsvangirai since they have been at war with President Mugabe since his rule began and lately they change from military endeavour to oust him to ecomomic sabotage and that`s why Mugabe forced thwem to lower prices and arrested them and their failure to challenge him in the democratic courts of Zimbabwe.When are these Anns and Shaws of this world stop Bush from supplying Israel with weapons of human destruction to kill innocent women and children as the UN Discovered recently when it went on a fact finding mission?

Dear Sir

In a country that is ruled by criminals and its armed foorces are the law unto themselves `what good can you expect?

When you hear a senior government minister backed by the President of the country and the ruling party President ordering cops to shoot in violation of the Constitution `what good can you expect?

In South Africa you are likely to be robbed by cops and security guards than criminals and if you are injured or killed by cops your best bet is to sue since pursuing that cop will be futile since he will be shielded by the politicians.

In a country where the President is in self-denial that national security is his core function by his disinterest in defending and protecting national security `what good can you expect.Anybody who tells you differently about South Africa is a liar and misinformer

Episode 16
May 23, 2008 01:08 AM PDT

The freemasons ttrapped him by asking his pale accountant to find-out jokingly if in reral life will he destroy vampires and on nodding it was decided he is anti-white since whites are empathic towards vampire that`s why they don`t expose them.

This is a time for logic and pragmatism -- not flying by the seat of your pants without a concrete game-plan.

May 22, 2008 12:26 AM PDT

The freemasons ttrapped him by asking his pale accountant to find-out jokingly if in reral life will he destroy vampires and on nodding it was decided he is anti-white since whites are empathic towards vampire that`s why they don`t expose them.

May 21, 2008 12:31 AM PDT

Go tio the Freemasons dark fortified buildings and see if vampires do not exist in real life.Why did the Freemasons felt offended by Blade`s onslaught against vampires and seek to destroy him by getting his white accountant to delay paying his taxes so that they can charge him for evasion to destroy him.OJ SIMPSON TOO IS THE TARGET OF WHITES{FREEMASONS}BECAUSE HE THINKS HE`S WHITE!

May 11, 2008 05:28 AM PDT

white South Africans are supposed to confess their past sins and seek black people`s forgiveness then embark on p-rogrammes and projects to reconcile and heal wounds caused by them and their apartheid government but they instead are buyiong-off opulent and influential blacks to silence them and unfortunately I will not rest until; they have atoned and repented.

May 09, 2008 05:33 AM PDT


May 05, 2008 05:55 AM PDT

Let’s start with a nice decadent appetizer -

Isn’t that the most sensual piece of fish in the world?

The Vajayjay{******} is a beautiful *******.

Just as I see phallic symbols everywhere, I see vaginas everywhere in nature.

Pretty clittys

And not so much…

And a tight vajayjay is a good vajayjay.

Tight is right.

Regular exercise is essential to stay fit, toned and fuckable.

My Lady must take great pride in keeping her ***** nice.

Dude, if I could, I’d eat there myself.

Her vajayjay must be sweet smelling, freshly waxed - and TIGHT.

There’s NO excuse for a poorly maintained *****. None.

She must have an IRON **** and I must appreciate it.

You’d be amazed at the number of my male friends who tell me how their wives or girlfriends are so loose that it’s like ******* a bucket – they can’t feel the sides.

It’s beyond my comprehension.

Because, you know you can kegel anywhere.

You can squeeze while you’re on the bus, stuck in traffic, watching TV, writing frikken Christmas cards…

I kegel every hour on the hour - about 200 squeezes a day. “Oh look at the time - ..”

Take-offs and landings are good for her too, sitting in the jump seat and squeezing her love muscle. Maintaining a neutral facial expression is essential though if she`s squeezing in public places.

Squeezes make her ***** happy.

She don’t have to leave the ******* BUILDING. She can multitask.

She don’t need an exercise room, gym membership or expensive equipment.

She must love her Ben Wah balls. They must be nicely weighted and roooooolll around.

Having strong vajayjay muscles makes a huge difference to the intensity of ****** for both parties. I can get off just by squeezing…with the help of my ben wah balls.

Women lose significant muscle tone after childbirth and pelvic floor exercises are taught to restore vaginal elasticity and maintain bladder control.

She must do her exercises to enhance her pleasure - and that of my partner’.

She must piss herself when she`s drunk on tequila…

She must piss herself laughing…

But she must never piss herself when I SNEEZE!


May 03, 2008 07:08 AM PDT

The trouble with white South Africans is that they suffer from a distinct
LACK of white guilt. The reason is that they are racist to the bone. The
more loudly that they protest that they are not racist, the more certain
it is that they are. An absence of white guilt and / or taking pride in
the fact that they are white is conclusive proof that they are bad to the
bone racist scum.

Let’s get this straight once and for all - white South Africans, ALL OF
US, were responsible for Apartheid. Every single last one of us. Even if
you joined Umkhonto we Sizwe and attacked a white church with hand
grenades and assault rifles, you, just by being WHITE, were an intrinsic
part of the problem.

Apartheid was YOUR fault. It was MY fault. It was OUR fault.

And it is high time that we stopped denying this, minimising this and
wishing it away. It will never go away. It is just the way things are.

South Africa’s unemployment rate is pushing 40% and it has one of the
world’s highest murder rates. But analysts agree that white South Africans
are still relatively cushioned from such hardships.
- White South Africans fail to win asylum in US

Observe the bleating of white South African racists (above), shit scared
that blacks are gonna kill them. Why are they so scared? Because WHITE
South Africans are corporately responsible for all the deaths of all the
black South Africans who died as a result of Apartheid.

Did you serve in the SADF (South African Defence Force) or SAP (South
African Police) during the Apartheid era? I did. I carried a rifle in a
township. I oppressed black people. I assisted the SAP who brutally
attacked, beat, arrested, tortured and killed black people who just wanted
to be FREE. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t do it myself or that I never
fired a shot in anger. Mea culpa. I did that, because I was there, with a
gun, prepared to kill on demand of my country.

And now today, because I speak out and confront my fellow white South
Africans whenever I see racial bias in favour of whites, these white South
Africans can’t understand why I’m doing this. They regard me as a traitor,
as if I swore a holy oath of fealty to unconditionally support the
interests of the white race group JUST BECAUSE I AM WHITE.


I owe white South Africans dick shit. My loyalty is not towards white
South Africans, my loyalty is to SOUTH AFRICANS.

Don’t ask me, like white South African racist Neil Ovens did, "what race
are you?" because my race is completely irrelevant.

Honestly, I don’t know why white South Africans expect me to buy into the
insanity of their racism just because I share with them a white skin.
Perhaps they’re so accustomed to being surrounded by white racists that it
comes as a complete shock to them to meet a fellow white person who
doesn’t instinctively support their self-serving bullshit?

Listen up white South African racists - I AM NOT ON YOUR SIDE. I bat for
the other team.

April 27, 2008 01:57 AM PDT

Former special forces from the apartheid,rhodesia and british governments are coming-out in the form of books and exonerating Mugabe from all those problems that afflicts Zimbabwe and blaming them on them,imperialkists,capitalists,media and rightwing farmers and it is on this inteligence information that I`m steadfastly defending him.

Nkomo did not ask the Boers for assistance to change from pasive struggle to violenty struggle but they cohorted him with promises of artillery,training and funding solely for the purpose of ousting Mugabe and therefore his request for assistance to improve the capacity of his army from North K oreans was justified since that was the moment abn insurrection was going to be launched against him so for him it was a question of its either them or me!

Tsvangirai is a puppet of the very same forces including the West since they cohorted him to start a party and are funding it logistically and morally and it is loaded with rightwing farmers and they pull the strings.

April 10, 2008 01:43 AM PDT

Jaa,very hectic times where yesterday we were mourning the death of 254 palestinians at deir yassin in tel aviv murdered brutally by jews to make way for a road and today we are mourning the brutal cold blooded murder of chris hani by the boers fifteen years back.

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